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The Writing Project: FAQs

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Is the Writing Project right for me?


I'm an international student and I'm not sure whether The Writing Project is suitable for me or not 

An alternative to the Writing project is the Coaching for Academic English course, which provides language instruction for international students. If you are making language errors, please see Coaching for Academic English.

How much does The Writing Project cost? 

It is free for all MMU enrolled students.

How long are the courses? 

All courses consist of 10 classes, some run over 10 weeks and some over 5 weeks. For information about start times and format of individual courses, please see the registration page.

I go out on a lot of placements/work experience/ have a part-time/full-time job. I would find the course very useful but I just can't attend the 10 week course. 

We run summer classes, and evening classes (from 17.30pm) are available. At the moment, there is no on-line provision. If you have any suggestions for how The Writing Project could be organised more conveniently please email the administrator. All suggestions are discussed at Writing Project meetings.

I am a member of MMU staff (or an intern) can I register for The Writing Project? 

The Writing Project is funded for MMU enrolled students. However, please contact the administrator ( as she will be able to advise if there are any spare places.

Registering on the course


I registered on the course but I haven't received an acknowledgement. 

You should have received an automated email. Please check your junk mail folder. If you successfully registered on screen then you are registered.

It says I've registered before and it won't let me register for this term. 

Notify the administrator by email ( They will remove the previous booking and you should then be able to register online.

Is there a waiting list I can go on? 

We do not have waiting lists. Class size is carefully regulated and based on previous data. If the course is fully booked, students are recommended to email if they wish to be reminded of registration for next term. Should we find that any class is undersubscribed (in the current term, and within the first two weeks of the course) we will re-open booking and advertise this to any student who has expressed an interest. It is not recommended that students start the course after the first fortnight.

I missed out this time, how can I ensure that I get a place next time? 

Registration usually opens approximately the first or second week of term.  Please send an email to: so that the administrator can remind you when booking opens. Please also check The Writing Project webpage from a few weeks before term starts.

Attending the course


I don't know where the room is, are there any maps? 

You can see campus maps here:

I can't make the first class. 

Please come along to the next class. If you contact the tutor they will send you the lesson materials for class one so that you can catch up.

What do I do if I'm ill or I can't come to class for any reason? 

If your absence is likely to mean that you only miss one class there is no need to notify the absence. If you would like the class materials request them from the tutor. If you intend to cancel your place on the course due to unforeseen circumstances, please let the administrator know ( so that they can cancel your enrolment on the student record system.

How many classes do I have to attend to receive a certificate? 

Attendance at eight classes is required in order to receive a certificate. Certificates are only issued for 80% attendance in any one term. We cannot “mix-and-match” attendance over various terms. However, in special circumstances we will consider attendance over two consecutive terms (as long as prior notice is given before commencing the second term).

How will I get my certificate? 

Certificates are usually ready for collection by the beginning of the next term. The administrator will contact you by email before the beginning of term. If you attended eight or more lessons you should receive a certificate. If you don't hear from us before the beginning of term then please email the administrator ( Certificates must be collected in the academic year that you study the course.

I don't understand what is expected of me with regard to homework. 

Homework is optional. Please discuss with the tutor.

What is the work on Moodle? Is it homework? 

The work on Moodle is optional. It is extra work and doesn't need to be submitted to the Tutor.

I can't find The Writing Project on Moodle. 

Email the Administrator ( with your student ID number. It will take 24 hours before you have access to the Writing Project materials via your Moodle account.

Will I receive a timetable? 

No. Your class should remain in the same room, at the same time and on the same day each week. During exam season there is more demand on rooms. At that time we may post a timetable on the website.

What happens if there is a room change? 

The tutor will put a sign on the door. If there is time we will also try to contact you by email.



Can I have my work proofread? 

We don't provide a proofreading service but we do look at drafts of students' essays as part of the class (students who attend regularly may request this extra help).

I have a PLP. Will the tutor be aware of this? 

Due to data protection, you would need to ask Learning Development to issue your PLP to The Writing Project. If they send it to the administrator ( they will forward it on to the relevant tutor.

Why can't you send me all the lesson materials so that I can study on my own at home? 

Our policy is not to send out lesson materials to students. However, you can ask your tutor for those you have missed.