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The Writing Project: a FREE ten-session course in how to write better English

This course is for any MMU-enrolled student who would like to improve the way they write at university level, although its focus is not just on academic writing. The course will focus mainly on style, punctuation, grammatical accuracy, organisation and how to paraphrase and summarise effectively. The premise is that all students can improve their English, whether they are undergraduates, postgraduates or PhD students.

Why should I join?

  • You can improve your assessment grades by making sure you are getting your points across clearly
  • You can impress future employers - good writing skills are highly valued in the workplace, a well-written job application will get you a long way

You can choose a course that suits your needs - courses are run at All Saints and Crewe. Courses are delivered over 10 weeks (1.5 hours per week) or over five weeks (3 hours per week). Some evening classes are also available.

Click here to see a session-by-session view of topics covered in the course  ▼
Session   Topic
1 What type of writer are you?
Discuss and improve your style. How to write - nine top tips for writers.
2 Punctuation 1: The trouble with commas
When to use commas, colons and semi colons.
3 Sentence structure 1: Get to grips with the sentence
Avoiding basic errors.
4 Punctuation 2: Other features of punctuation
How to use all other punctuation marks accurately.
5 Sentence structure 2: Using more complex sentences confidently
Complex sentences and relative clauses.
6 Formality
Improve your wording and academic style.
7 Planning, drafting and overall structure.
How to save time using an efficient process.
8 Using other writers' words
Using grammatical strategies to paraphrase and summarise.
9 Improving structure
How to get started and clarify your work with efficient use of introductions, main body paragraphs and conclusions.
10 Developing an excellent style
Address a number of areas to improve your writing style.

English isn't my first language, is the Writing Project suitable for me?

You should first contact Coaching for Academic English, who run courses specifically designed for students whose first language is not English.

The Writing Project is part of a wide ranging set of services offered by the Learner Development Service. We also offer an extensive programme of study skills workshops covering a wide range of topics. For more information and to book a place:

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Tutors require a minimum of 3 working days, in order to read & provide feedback for any student submissions


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The writing project is the best thing I've signed up for since starting university. The course has excellent structure and the tutor taught it extremely well.

International Fashion Marketing Student

Very useful. It covers all the important topics a student needs to know for academic writing.

Food Innovation Student